So far away….

Holding onto the city’s last days of bikeable weather…I’mna try to ride this one out till the roads are slick with snow (I mean that in the safest way possible of course). As Young Hearts finally dies down a bit I’m looking to re-vamp this blog and dedicate it to (some new) true loves: Campouts and roadtrips with Andrew, Traveling & motorcyles.

Totally looking forward to re-living this summer’s road trips while watching the city cover in snow. This summer, hanging with Tristan in Van:

Picture by Tristan Casey



If feel the summer’s end paranoia coming on strong these days – like any chill in the air is some kind of tell tale sign that this is it. I got a few things keeping me in good spirits though – getting my bike on the road is definitely one of them. A ride of any kind has cured the mood of any tiresome day and I’ve been having a blast riding around the city. Now I can’t stop daydreaming of all the little trips out to the country I wanna take with Andrew.

Pic by Matt Rennick.

Redwood Days

A couple weekends back Andrew, Lauren, Matt and I headed up North to a cottage that Andrew and Matt’s parents have been renting every summer for over ten years now. Andrew always told me stories about how great this place was and after seeing I realize there is no way I could have ever pictured it. It was pretty perfect. Just this little rustic cottage built on rocks that came down onto the lake. I had an awesome weekend hanging out with the McCracken family playing games, shooting bb guns, building fires and making puzzles…weekends are definitely made for cottages.


I promise once the weather gets crappy again I’ll be on here more often…but for now I’m completely smitten on Toronto summer. Hare are a couple updates on my end:

Camping at Algonquin was rad.

I also just spent a week hanging out with my amazing friends Chantal, Chris, their family and friends and Heather in Jamaica. Chantal & Chris said I do in a gazebo overlooking the ocean during a 15 minute break in a Jamaica down pour. We figure they now have enough luck to last a life time. Here’s a sneak peek from their portrait session we did the following day. Fun fact: we were all fully sun-destroyed at the end of this shoot with sunburns on top of sunburns. Pretty sure I passed out after dinner that night…

More from Jamaica….sooon?

Last weekend was amazing – had a little visit from Courtney Fairhead, and Monday I went on my first lil bike trip. Andrew, Chris, Matt and I rode up to George town to visit our friends Taylor and Maria and take a little sit in the river by their place (we literally sat in the river, it was about knee high. But it ruled cause there was a really strong current). You can check out picks from the day here on Matt’s blog. Our ride’s at the bottom of his post. Too fun.

In other news, my bike’s finally up and running – Andrew’s going to pick it up from the shop for me tomorrow morn! So stoked. We didn’t do all that much to it, but it’s looking a whole lot better. After this weekend I’m definitely looking forward to riding.

Catching on

Life’s been flying by in a blur of sun flares, photo shoots and world cup commentary texts from my pa.

I feel totally spoiled waking up to watch a game while I’m eating breakfast. I literally couldn’t be happier at the moment and just trying to not take that for granted. I’m finding it hard to stay inside, and have a bazillion photos to post – our first Humber park (totally successful) picnic, two real rad shoots we did with Young Hearts – Patty & Jerry (shot in Humber park):

And the newest Patricia and Justin, which we shot in the Bread & Honey festival in Streetsville:

If you have a sec, check them out at:! Young Hearts is really starting to take off and I can’t believe how rad it’s been. We’ve met such great people, and are having such an amazing time shooting our couples. It’s so weird when you just stumble on something you totally adore doing.

Also made a trip home I made to watch the World Cup opening with my pa and next weekend Andrew and I are heading out to Algonquin for a lil camp out with his brother Matt and our friend Casey and their rad ladies, Lauren and Jacinta. Summer’s off to an amazing start…

Picture care of C dog, a.k.a: Cheryl Mackey

So many things…

First off, it’s summer!!
And it’s May! Or it was May…it’s June now but it’s still summer!!
This warm sunny wheather’s definitely got me avoiding the computer and sooo stoked to be outside (which is my backwards way of apologizing for updates…). If this keeps up, I will probably be the kindest, happiest person you could ever bump into on the streets.

May long weekend we were celebrating Heather and Dru’s birthday (his was the 22nd, and hers the 23rd, sooo weird). Went bowling Friday and then took a real nice scenic bus ride through Mississauga on Saturday with Heather, got back just in time for a birthday BBQ at Dru’s.

Heather, Dru and I Hit Trinity Bellwoods on Monday to meet up with Jordan, Billy & Dani. The park was sooo packed, there were literally groups of people in every spot of shade you could find. Ran into tones of friends though! Also realized how little that happens in the winter. It actually feel like I haven’t seen people in ages. Ran into a few boys I hadn’t seen in a while, Dan T., Billy & Dan P. Billy also introduced me to this summer’s drink Arizona’s Arnold Palmer. Half lemonaid, half ice tea, 100% amazing.

Been out bike riding a couple times. Sadly we got kicked out of the Hersey Factory parkinglot, but found a better lot out the back of Medival Times. It’s been tooo fun! Andrew’s been (amazing) – ordering parts for the bike and putting them on as they come in. I’m pretty lucky to have such a talented boy.

This Saturday C and I went out to Humber Park to shoot a session with some of the coolest, and funnest people I have ever met. Jerry and Patty. More about them and the shoot soon – but in the meantime here’s a lil ‘behind the scenes’ sneak peak from the shoot. Cheryl and I loved the park so much that we planned a lil Humber beach hang out tonight.

We’re guna stretch this summer as long as we can!


Soccer fever’s coming on strong this week. Today I found myself watching a (few) 10 minute highlight reels of Italy in the 2006 World cup.

I sat there totally glued to the screen as if I was watching it for the first time – feet kicking excitedly under my desk & totally smiling from ear to ear. Summer 2006 came flooding back, all those tense game watches in lil cafes and bars in Little Italy, Italian flags everywhere on Collage street, the all-day car honk celebrations and the pride/amazement of watching my team win game after game…

Definitely counting down the days to Italy’s first match on the 14th.
It’s hard to beat a World Cup summer…

Also, while googling ‘Team Italy’ for some shots for the blog, I ran accross this lil team Italy pic. Greasy…